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Maintenance Classes

There are many good books on bicycle maintenance,
but nothing builds confidence like hands-on experience. Our courses are designed
to give you the knowledge and skills needed to keep your bicycle in good mechanical
condition. This allows you to avoid unexpected and inconvenient problems before they
arise by knowing just what to check for. Furthermore, knowing how to handle common
mechanical mishaps gives you the confidence to make more use of your bike.

What courses are offered?

During the year, we offer a variety of evening and daytime courses designed both for beginners
and for more experienced bicycle repairers. The current courses are as follows:

Bicycle Maintenance
This hands-on course is aimed at people with little or no previous experience of bicycle maintenance who want to get started. It gives you the confidence and knowledge needed to handle the most common bike maintenance tasks. Five structured evening sessions teach you how to: correctly adjust saddle and handlebar height; fix punctures and change tyres; fit new brake blocks and cables, and adjust your brakes; adjust your gears, and how to remove, lubricate and fit the chain. A useful (and fun!) practical course which is ideal preparation for a Bicycle Maintenance Improvers course.

Bicycle Maintenance Improvers
For people with some experience bicycle maintenance who are keen to learn more. This course builds on the basics (as covered in the Bicycle Maintenance Beginners course). In five structured evening sessions, you get the confidence and knowledge needed to move on to less common bike maintenance tasks, such as: servicing and adjusting hub bearings; removing and fitting freewheels; replacing broken spokes and basic wheel truing technique; replacing cranksets and pedals; adjusting headset and (adjustable) bottom bracket bearings. A useful (and fun!) practical course which puts thorough bike servicing within your reach.

Bicycle Maintenance Beginners (1-day workshop)
This workshop doesn’t aim to turn you into an expert, but it will give you the skills and confidence to start tackling common bicycle tasks yourself. The day is structured in sessions which teach you how to: correctly adjust saddle and handlebar height; fix punctures and change tyres; clean and lubricate your chain; adjust your brakes for optimum performance and how to adjust your gears. This is a practical workshop where you should, quite literally, expect to get your hands dirty! A useful (and fun!) day which is ideal preparation for a Bicycle Maintenance evening course.

Bicycle Wheel Building (1-day workshop)
A knowledge of wheel building can be invaluable to any cyclist who wishes to do his or her own maintenance and repair. This is a practical workshop where you learn to lace, build and true handbuilt wheels. You will learn sound wheel building principles and skills by building durable ‘standard’ 36 spoke wheels in a cross-3 pattern. Practice components (hubs, spokes and rims) are provided. Apart from being prepared to get your hands dirty, you should anticipate having a satisfying and enjoyable day, after which you will have sufficient knowledge and skill to start building front and rear wheels from your own components.

How are these subjects taught?

These are all practical courses where (apart from the Wheel Building course) you work on your own bicycle in a friendly and
informative atmosphere. Class numbers are restricted so you get all the assistance you need from
an experienced trainer.

Will I need special equipment?

The information sheets for each course give details of any particular requirements. Generally, you only need to bring along a bike to work on, and a few common bike tools. Advice on specific tools which you ought to get is provided during the course. Tools, lubricants and any necessary cleaners are provided in the workshop.

Where are courses held?

Coleridge Community College, Radegund Road, Cambridge CB1 3RJ.

Course Dates

  • 17 Mar 2001 Bicycle Maintenance Beginners 1-day Saturday workshop
  • 1 May 2001 Bicycle Wheel Building 3 weekly evening sessions
  • 12 Jun 2001 Bicycle Maintenance 5 weekly evening sessions
  • 18 Sep 2001 Bicycle Maintenance 5 weekly evening sessions

  • 30 Oct 2001 Bicycle Maintenance Improvers 5 weekly evening sessions

Where can I get more information?

If you would like to get a course information sheet, check dates and fees, or reserve a place on a course, please call the
Community Education Office in Coleridge Community College on (01223) 712340 / 712341,
or call-in in person. For specific information about a course, contact the trainer David
Green on 01223 449304 or by email
[email protected]