Scott Sports havve announced the signing of the The Coastal Crew freeriders to its Global Team.

The Coastal Crew, based on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, is a group of three friends and riding mates. Dylan Dunkerton, Kyle Norbraten and Curtis Robinson, who all ride, film, and compete together under the same banner, now all ride the same brand of bicycle.

“We first started working with The Crew back in 2009 when we were working on the Kranked Revolve project. They were featured in the final segment, and I was impressed not only with the vision for the segment, but with the build as well,” said Adrian Montgomery.

“There have been so many group segments produced, but theirs was the most thought out and the work that went into that segment really paid off for the viewer. Fast forward to today, these guys are not only excellent riders, but also fantastic builders, photographers, and filmers. They really have it all going on, and we are stoked to have them all on Scott Bicycles.”

The Coastal Crew will ride the Gambler DH, Voltage FR and Voltage hardtail.

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