The ultimate in light and fast wheels is to borrow tubular tyre technology from the roadie world.

They’re made by gluing a tread to a light cotton casing in which an inner tube is inserted, and sewn up. It’s then glued to a tubular-specific rim. As a result the weight of the rim and tyre is much lighter.

We’ve seen a few bikes on the world cup – principally the Scott Bikes team – sporting said tubular wheels. It’s spawned several new deep-section carbon fibre wheels, but there's very few tyres available. To address this, the tyre company has spent, probably, a small fortune on producing this special effects laden video for its Saguaro tubular tyre.

And in surprisingly cool video that must have cost a small fortune to produce the special effects; they’ve announced them to the world. It’s not often we see a ‘cool’ cross-country flick, so this is a refreshing change.

So what do you think? Tubular tyres the next big thing? Or not?

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