It seems it's a case of "beaten by the belle" for Gary Fisher and Joe Breeze by the looks of this vintage bicycle poster showing a novel way to follow the hunt.

Looks like a couple of those hounds could make a right mess of the spokes, but as BMer Nick Day, who unearthed the poster said, "Nice bunny hop considering the skirt".

The poster was created by Henri Gray (1858 - 1924) and is part of a vintage poster auction at Christies next week . There's quite a few cycling themed ones up for grabs, but if you're about to be tempted to snap one up then be warned that this particular poster is expected to fetch between 600 and 800 pounds.

For similar money you might be interested in this poster showing someone having a rather easy time of it

positively flying up Ventoux.

If nothing else it's clear evidence that doping is nothing new, although anyone who's had the pleasure of making up Ventoux might prefer the feat to look a bit more taxing.

Check out the Christies website for the full range of posters going under the hammer next Thursday.

And if you've got serious money to burn there's always this Dilecta poster going for between one and one and a half grand.