Adrian Nash's Italian holiday firm, Riviera Bike, has been catering for British trail riders for over six years now, and their popularity is ever-increasing. If you haven't yet ridden in Molini, get yourself down there; it really does rate as one of the best trail-riding locations in Europe.

We'll be featuring Molini in our series of travel guides, coming soon. For now though, here is a video that 'Ady' describes as an 'experiment' with his new heli-cam. It's enough to get us dreaming and we hope that it helps get you through the Monday morning blues:

Ady took great pleasure in telling me how they were riding in shorts and t-shirts and uncovering new trails over the weekend just gone... Bit of a contrast to Wales but with all the new trails popping up (who was riding at Afan over the weekend?) we won't be complaining.

Find out more about Riviera Bike here.