Taking place over the weekend of 18-19th June 2005, IronBike will be full of enduro action in the mountains aroud Llanwrtyd Wells, featuring not one, but three different events. On Saturday the weekend kicks off with 'IronBike Extreme'; an 'enduro-plus' event weighing in at over 120k. Sunday sees a classic 100k for the Enduro 'purist' in the appropriately named IronBike 100.

It's not all brand new, though. The third choice of ride is the tried and tested Lemming, which Trail Break have been running in this part of the world since 1998. If you've somehow managed to miss the Lemming in the past, it's a two-day "painfest" covering more than 135 miles. That's 220k in two days for the metrically inclined, and if you've already done the maths you'll know have spotted this one coming: ride IronBike Extreme on day one, then get up and ride the 100 on day two - and that's the Iron Lemming.

And there's another dimension to the Iron Lemming, Trail Break are going to make a race of it. Using trails on private land as special open race stages and joining them up with some of the finest bridleways and tracks in Wales (where normal RoW laws apply) Trail Break plan to make this the first legally declared open mountain enduro race in the UK. Gongs up for grabs in all three events will include: overall fastest, fastest combined race stage times and a 'King of the Mountains' climbers' title. If racing's not your bag, then you can just go at your own pace and meet the not insubstantial challenge of completing the course. The Trail Break guys say they'll come up with a few spot prizes for riders who've caught their eye for capturing the 'spirit' of the event. Which is nicely open to interpretation...

Full final details for the IronBike weekend are being going to be hammered out over the coming months, so keep an eye out for updates. And if you fancy a crack at the Iron Lemming, here's some advice from Trail Break: "Start training yesterday!"

More details can be found at www.trailbreak.co.uk/ironbike or by calling Trail Break on 0118 976 2491.