Out for 4 or 5 hours on a Sunday, maybe a couple of hours midweek and feel pretty proud of yourself? Well you should be until you here what those crazy pro's get up to.

Danilo Di Luca team leader of the Cantina Tollo squad has just come back from a gentle January altitude break in Mexico, having clocked up over 4000km. "I was there for 32 days, and only took two rest days. The rest of the time I rode an average of 130km per day for a total of 4,000km." The fact that most of the training took place between 2,800 - 3,600 metres makes it even sicker. We've ridden at that kind of height and until you're acclimatised even geting upstairs in the hotel leaves you gasping.

The really scary thing is that apparently Di Luca isn't planning on going hard at the start of the season, he's saving himself for the Giro D'Italia, and maybe Milan-San Remo.

We're not worthy!