By PA News

The colourful Indie star, who is due to tour with Oasis, was assaulted by motorist James Butler, 31, as he rode through Manchester, it was alleged.

Butler denies charges of assault and dangerous driving following the incident in July last year.

Fiorella Brereton, prosecuting, told the jury at Manchester Crown Court that Butler and Mr Ryder had an altercation while travelling towards Northern Moor, Greater Manchester.

Then when Mr Ryder turned onto Wythenshawe Road, Butler swerved and knocked him off his bicycle, Mrs Brereton said.

"As he travelled along there something hit the back wheel of his bicycle and he was thrown onto the road.

"As a result he suffered scratches, abrasions and some discomfort."

In the witness box wearing jeans and a grey top, Mr Ryder, 37, told the jury: "I had an argument with the guy in the car. He was coming from the motorway and I was coming across. He nearly hit me and he was shouting that I had gone through a red light and I was shouting at him.

"We exchanged swearing and that."

Mr Ryder told the jury how he was cycling slowly wearing a vest and baggy shorts, carrying groceries when the incident happened.

"I got knocked off my bike, I was hit by a car. It hit me on the back wheel of the bike.

"I went up into the air but luckily I managed to put my hands out. I got cuts and bruises, bruises on my legs and a cut around my groin area and bruising."

During cross examination by defence counsel Kate Blackwell, Mr Ryder admitted he had been out drinking the night before and had only had a few hours sleep.

He said: "I wasn't drunk but I wasn't alert."

Mr Ryder told the judge Mr Justice Ensor that it was the first time that he had been on a bicycle for a number of years and that after touring, he had bought two bicycles for the summer.

He agreed that on that morning he was not particularly steady.

When asked by Miss Blackwell if it was possible that he fell into the car, rather than being hit by it, he replied: "It's possible, yes."