Scooterman, aka Matheu Parry of Burnley, is planning to head out of New York for San Francisco at the end of next month armed only with a scooter. Yes a scooter.

Ridiculous as it may seem, and be, Mat, in the guise of his alter ego Scooterman, is going to 'push' the 60 miles a day needed to complete the epic trip in three months. Okay it's got 26in wheels and half-decent brakes, but no pedals, no gears, and no seat!

Speaking about his transport of choice Matt told us "This is the Rolls Royce of push-scooters. It's one of only two in the country. It is basically a bicycle without the seat or pedals."

He's training seriously, though not just by riding, or is that scooting, about the country... "I'm training in Ju-Jitsu under Robert Clark to make sure my legs are strong enough and to feel confident about the journey."

Best of all, Scooterman is going to send in a daily update to BIKEmagic so you'll be able to follow the spectacle from start to finish. He'll be posting from his lap top computer daily and sending us pics and news of what he gets up to across the US.

Matt is currently looking for three sponsors to support his attempt which undoubtedly attract huge, international publicity for its ridiculous nature if nothing else.

Prospective sponsors should contact Dave Clapham on 0151 647 5585, mobile 0421 602481, or e-mail him on

The facts behind the Scooterman legend...

World record holder for John O Groats to Lands End 1996 in a time of five weeks including 3 days at the Edinburgh Festival. Average 40 miles per day

1997 World distance record for 24hrs: 160 miles in 24 hours on the same Aintree track as Stirling Moss won the 1957 British Grand Prix.

1998 Dublin to Cork on a scooter following the Tour de France.

1999 Unofficial world record of 161 miles in 24 hours in art gallery where his paintings were on display. Matt did more than 8000 laps of the art gallery while punters stood in the middle looking at his art. 2000 East to West America, New York to San Francisco approximately 5000 miles along Route 66.