You know those Far Eastern bikes and bike parts that

you're keen on? They could be shooting up in price next year thanks to the European

Commission starting "anti-dumping" proceedings concerning imports of bicycle

frames, forks and wheels originating in Taiwan and China. Previous - and successful

- complaints have been won against importation of full bicycles from the Far East.

The latest notice of proceedings follows the anti-dumping complaint filed by the

protectionist Paris-based European Bicycle Manufacturer's Association in September.

EBMA claim that its members make over 55 percent of the bikes sold in the EU and

that their anti-dumping complaint is to give members "a level playing field."

Were it to be successful the complaint could lead to massive price hikes. The dumping

allegations are based on a comparison of the normal cost of the products with their

export price into the EU. As a 'control' the commission is using the Mexican economy

to set the normal cost of Chinese products (which, after all, is a state-controlled


In the UK, the Bicycle Association and the Association of Cycle Traders are to lobby

the EU to drop the complaint. Most of the top-end brands who import frames from the

Far East could be affected by any adverse ruling but their UK-based subsidiaries

and agents are generally not members of the BA.

Organisations and companies who wish to fight the anti-dumping complaint have until

the middle of December to supply the commission with statements and information.

A decision from the EU would then be expected in the Spring.