Plymouth Update

Just a few general words on proceedings here at Plymouth.

Last night

There was a bar available but this was only a very small affair. The only beer available was bottles of Corona at £1.75 a bottle (so make that £3.50 a pint!). Many people were drinking their own.


The course has dried out significantly with most bikes/riders finishing in a fairly clean state, the weather is sunny, beautiful and dry with temperatures around 16degs C, should suit most riders then :-)

Right now

I'm sat on the grassy climb just after the 1st river crossing, this area is a designated feeding zone so I'm feeding my mate in the Citizens Masters race, at half five.

Tonight: MBR are holding a party in a huge big top (really, it is HUGE) in the arena area, needless to say I will be there schmoosing in my Dumb and Dumber outfit :-)

One point I will make is that the camping area is a good 20 minute walk from the arena! Not good :-/ Also, there are no programmes because the printer failed to deliver in time, there are no refunds for competitors and spectators (who have paid for them just by paying admission). This is one of the reasons why the results have been sketchy, it's impossible to collect riders names as they pass without programme/rider info.

But at least I managed to get the womens pro/elite results out within 25 seconds of the 1st 10 finishers :-)

Catch you all later with more news of the mens Pro/elite tomorrow afternoon, I will try my best to get info on the other races too.

Dodgy Dave