The frame itself is a tubular affair with gussets galore, though these are of the tasteful variety, unlike those of the Planet X. The plate gussets at the head tube asure triple clamp compatability and give a good platform for stickers. The rear end is identicle to the Missile and so is stiff and very, very strong.

The ride is truly impressive. The accelleration is breathtaking, it is hard work to keep hold of it as you experience the high g-forces that occur as you get going. The ride is lively and enjoyable. It is extremely stable in the corners and during air time.

I had to change the excellent Orange saddle for a BEEFCAKE stylie Tioga XL, just to do the bike justice. It is a good thing that it comes with the super powerful XT stoppers because you need that kind of power when you reach the speeds you can on the AIR-O.


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