Do you moan about having no bridleways to ride on?

If proposals from the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions come into force, thousands of miles of bridleways and other rights of way will be blocked to mountain bikers and other countryside users.

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We, the undersigned, do not support the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Region's proposals outlined in Improving Rights of Way in England and Wales.

As they stand the proposals are counter to previous DETR and Co Ag recommendations in that the main thrust is to provide tools for closure and restriction of use. The proposals are a disaster for heritage, landscape and wildlife. If the proposals are carried forward in legislation there are many Authorities that will not be able to comply due to the massive extra workload involved.

We respectfully request that Central Government reconsider the Countryside Agency's recommendations and, working with national access organisations, redraw proposals which are equitable to both landowners, conservationists and all users of higher rights of way.

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