Muc-Off’s ever-increasing range of cleaning products has just gotten a little larger, with the addition of three new products launched at Eurobike aimed to hel in the battle to keep your pride and joy gleaming.

Talking of gleaming, the new Silicon Shine can bring any component made from metal, rubber, carbon fibre or plastic to a spotless sheen. It leaves behind a protective non-sticky layer in the process and also repels water. All that and it smells like cherry pop.

Next in the battle against dirt is the Drivechain Cleaning Kit. This is an addition to the exsiting Chain Doc but is a lot more comprehensive at returning your drivetrain to showroom condition. Well almost.

Once you’ve got your bike sparkling, you obviously need to lube the vital components to ensure smooth running. C3 Ceramic is the latest in Muc-Off’s new lube range, and is described, rather boldly, as the “most advanced lubricant to hit the bicycle market and offers unrivalled performance and friction reduction." Well, only one way to find out, we’ll be getting some in for testing soon...

View the full range at www.muc-off.com