Pro-Vision Powerbar team captain John Tanner succesfully retained his National Road race title with a superb do or die effort in the closing stages of the highly competitive race ; becoming only the second ever rider to win back to back national titles ..

With only 4 miles to go Tanner heroically bridged the gap to a select 4 man group that included John Clay , Cofidis rider David Millar and Linda Mcartney rider Matt Stephens and then took the National title by outsprinting John Clay with top continental pro Millar several bike lengths down .

The title is yet another success for Tanner and his hugely succesful and under rated ProVision-Powerbar team . Whilst the other teams present were fully supported with team cars , spare bikes , masseurs etc, Tanners support consisted of two water bottles handed up by friends , even more bizarely were the post race celebrations enjoyed by team provision which which consisted of sponsor Steve Joughin , the pocket rocket , realising Tanners victory running down the finishing straight arms waving in the air like a demented 12 year old .

Tanner , once again has proved himself to be the UK s top rider and will no doubt take great pleasure in his victory , achieved at the expense of the Mcartney and WCPU teams , leading many to ask why Tanner has been ignored by the top teams for the past few seasons .

Full race report exclusively written by John Tanner himself will be available Monday .

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