First impressions were good it tracked very well and the suspension worked excellently, just getting along with its job. The four bar linkage design works well it doesnít feel like too much of a beast to pedal even on reasonably short downhill courses. The frame feels strong and gives you confidence to try those drops you wouldnít do on a hardtail. The bike comes specced with Risse TrixxxY forks which have six inches of travel and rebound and compression adjustment, they were just lovely to ride and felt smooth and they just seemed to erase every bump out off the course, absolutely brilliant. My only gripe with the bike first off was the Hayes discs, they arenít very adjustable and the front pads were rubbing on the disc, this was more annoying than performance reducing, but I have to say I can see what all the fuss about disc brakes is, they just stop you! The other components on the bike worked excellently, the AC chainset and the XTR rear derrailleur were magnificent and the Sun Mammoth wheels feel unbreakable, they are absolutely massive.



This is where the fun begins, the next day after the race I was checking out the bike and I noticed that one of the linkages had come lose on the swing arm, and that the chain device (an AC sport chain guide) was pushing the chain off the chainring, and also the rear brake had lost all power, right off to the phone to call Iron Horse. They perfectly understood and sent down a courier the next day to collect the bike and to repair or replace any parts that were not working properly, they also sent the forks off to CVI for repair and servicing, they replaced the seals and put new oil in and tested them. I got the bike back three days before my next race and all seemed to be working well, but the ultimate test would come over the weekend.

Well again raceday came and this time it was dry, which I was pleased about, practise was going fine and then came my timed runs, the bike worked excellently, shame about my riding well maybe next time I can combine the two.


I havenít had anymore problems with the bike, it is going great, but I have put shock boots on the forks just in case. If any of you are interested in cars, you may well have heard of TVR, their cars are great to look at and great to drive however they are pretty unreliable, very much like my bike was for the first 2 months I just hope nothing else goes wrong because it is a great ride and at only £2000 great value for money.