No events will take place today as the MTB World Championships takes part in a national day of prayer in the USA. All riders and team members have been encouraged to take part. Activities recommence on Saturday with the downhill seeding runs. The Junior and Espoir XC race scheduled for today will now take place very early Sunday morning.

Yesterday the first world champions were crowned as the Canadian team of Green, Hesjedal, Coates and Redden took the relay by 26 seconds from Spain. This new event comprised riders from Mens’ and Womens’ XC Elite, Mens’ Espoir and Junior members and took place on a reduced XC circuit.

The Canadian’s put on-form riders Green and Hesjedal out first to establish a commanding lead and ensure a clear track. Cadel Evans (Australia) rode a strong final lap for the runners up but failed to catch Chrissy Redden. Spain were third without reigning World Champion Margita Fullana.

Although US airspace has re-opened doubts remain about the arrival of reigning Mens’ Champ Miguel Martinez who would no doubt have boosted his country’s fourth place.

The GB team DQed with an illegal wheel change.


1. Canada (Ryder Hesjedal, Roland Green, Adam Coates, Chrissy Redden), 30.16km in 1:35:13

2. Australia (Sid Taberlay, Mary Grigson, Trent Lowe, Cadel Evans), at :26

3. Spain (Carlos Coloma, Inaki LeJarreta, Janet Puiggros, Jose Antonio Hermida), at :50

4. France (Yohann Vachet, Loic Guerin, Laurence Leboucher, Ludovic Dubau), at :1:41

5. Switzerland (Thomas Frischknecht, Juerg Graf, Petra Henzi, Florien Vogel), at 2:14

6. Germany (Carsten Bresser, Jochen Kaess, Markus Koffmann, Sabine Spitz), at 3:26

7. Poland (Piotr Formicki, Anna Szafraniec, Krzysztof Kuzniak, Mariusz Kowal), at 4:35

8. Italy (Manfred Steiner, Adam Quadroni, Camilla Bertossi, Marco Bui), at 4:36

9. United States (Todd Wells, Nick Waite, Susan Haywood, Walker Ferguson), at 4:55

10. Austria (Markus Weber, Birgit Braumann, Hannes Wenzl, Peter Presslauer), at 5:53