Final results:Plymouth XC5 Mens Pro-Elite.

5 laps 11.7km per lap.

Av Spd:22.18kph

151 Competitors.

Conditions: Dry,warm and sunny with a lot of dust for tail

enders on the pipeline especially.

1. Bas Van-Dooren. (Be-One) 2:23:45

2. C Sauser 2:25:13 finished with flat rear tyre!!

3. F. Meirhaegh 2:26:03

4. M.Martinez 2:26:10

5. C.Evans 2:26:30

6. R. Paulissen 2:26:56

7. C Dupouey 2:27:21

8. D Arnold 2:27:27

9. D Acquaroli 2:27:56

10. R Lezaun 2:28:18

UK Riders:

25. B Clarke 2:31:34

29. P Lasenby 2:32:41 Big cheer on finish.

(T Frishknecht got 30th with 5min repair!)

Notable occurences:

Thomas Frischknecht breaks his chain(loses 5 mins) on the 1st

lap,but put some real hard work in to get back with the trailing


Bas Van Dooren extended his lead with every lap, culminating

in a 2min + lead on the start of the 5th lap.

Paul Lasenby having a great race, with probably his best world

cup performance so far, staying close to Barrie Clark (around

posn 25) for much of the race.

From Dodgy Dave