Stunts! website provided unprecedented single-site coverage of the 1999 DH race scene with reports from NAMBS, KIS and Iron Justice.

For the millennium they are set to increase that coverage to encapsulate all the major series in the country. This so far includes NAMBS, SAMS, Welsh Dragons, NPS, Iron Justice and KIS. Different rider reps will be providing reports, pictures and links to results from each venue. The comprehensive race calendar can be seen on the Stunts! race page now.

If you can cover a race series that is not listed (or it is listed and you think you can do better), send details of yourself and the series to Stunts! website. As a reporter you can join the elite squad of Stunts! rider reps. Several deals are underway and we hope to offer clothing and parts at a discounted rate for the riders. Simply submit a report to benefit.

If you want to join the rider reps. or offer your support as a sponsor, please visit the Stunts! website and send an email.