News just in: Jerome Clementz and Anne-Caroline Chausson take the titles at the 2013 Mega in Alpe d'Huez.

The famous race was hard fought but the eventual results showed Clementz's continuing top form, Remy Absalon to be back where he belongs and Dan Atheron's commitment and motivation paying off as he finds his feet in the enduro racing world. Chausson cleaned up, winning by nearly four minutes in the women's.

The top five looked like this:


1: Jerome Clementz

2: Remy Absalon

3: Dan Atherton

4: Lukas Anrig

5: Nicolas Quere


1: Anne-Caroline Chausson

2: Pauline Dieffenthaler

3: Alba Wunderlin

4: Isabeau Courdurier

5: Valerie Schandene

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