The Marin Muirwoods is sold for £399. For your hard earned dosh you get an ok group of Alivo/ STX-RC, Ritchey Vantage rims and the excellent Mythos XC tyres which have done 2500 miles with me and many of those miles spent on road.

Finishing kit includes Ritchey saddle, Marin seatpost and stem. Steering is done via a Diatech headset and Marin grips and handle bar which provide a good riding position. Suspension is taken care of by a Marin tuned RST 381 which provides enough for the begginer and any average jump meister. The frame is the real bargain for your money you get a triple butted steel frame which surprisingly light compared to aluminium.

The ride on this bike is mainly for beginner XC racers because of the frame and XC specific parts. However it still does for the average trail rider with the 65mm of travel provided by the RST fork which is run by OK elastomers and spring job. At £399 from the original £445 its a bargain and a half for any entry level rider. I score it from an unbiased owner, 8 out of 10.

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