Downhill racers within stiking distance of the popular Aston Hill MTB area can look forward to two DH race events in 2006. Kenda Tyres has come on board as title sponsor, so the two races will be known as the Kenda Tyres Aston Hill Downhill. There's a bunch of other sponsors putting up category prizes too - Ancillotti Bikes is stumping up fifty quid for fastest time of the day in Senior and Youth categories while Buckingham Bikes will be sponsoring the Juvenile and Youth categories and Tutto Bicci will be sponsoring the Junior Category. Buckingham Bikes will also be on site selling stuff and Tutto Bicci will be there providing tech support. The Senior category is sponsored by suspension specialists TFTuned and are sponsors of the Masters. The Hardtail category is something of an Aston Hill speciality, and DMR Bikes are a natural sponsor for that one.

The first race will be on Aston Hill's Black Run on Sunday 19 March, with racing kicking off at 10.45 with the Hardtail category. All the other age and ability categories will follow. The on Sunday 17 September (yes, we're helping you plan a fair way in advance here...) it'll be the same format but on the DH3 course. Both events will have two runs per rider.

Find out more at or call 01296 489729.