France took its second gold medal of the World Championships when favourite Sabrina Jonnier survived a big slide and overcame pedal problems to record the fastest time in the junior women.

18 year old Jonnier, the reigning European champion and already an experienced competitor on the world cup circuit, lost five seconds after failing a corner. Scrambling back on her shoe clogged with mud and she couldn't get full contact again until the final jump before the finish line, but her time, 6mins 17.82seconds was good enough for a rainbow jersey.

"It was important to me to win today," Sabrina said, "It's my last year in juniors, and I've missed the gold twice already. I went slower at the top in the mud, then got quicker and quicker."

The silver medal was taken by upcoming downhiller Kathy Pruitt (USA), who overtook a number of girls who started ahead of her finish 8.49 seconds slower than Jonnier. Helen Gaskell of Great Britain managed a clean run to finish at 9.91, following plenty of slips and slide in practice.

France, which competes with the US to dominate women's downhilling, was expected to get two medals. 16 year old CĂ©line Gros seeded fastest, but had a bad run and missed out in fourth with a 11.29 second deficit.

Conditions on the course had been wet and muddy all week and the morning of the event strong winds and thick fog at the start line spurred the riders to get down as quickly as possible. 13 competitors ran from eight countries.

This report from the UCI.