Iron Justice Duel Eliminator Series

Things have changed, they've changed fast and changed for the better….Emerging from the back alleys are riders on tidgy little bikes fitted with long travel forks, a single chainring, the widest of riser bars, tough wheels and frames that can survive all but a prolonged attack from a nutcase with a jackhammer.

Downhill, slalom, XC, duel, trails, these bikes have a finger in every pie, a so called jack of all trades. However, once you get on one and put the hammer down you know immediately what they are built for - strength and speed, and lots of it. After riding a full sus it's like strapping a ACME rocket to your arse and lighting the fuse. I'm not ashamed to admit that I want one, oh yes, I want one alright….

So it's no surprise that events have started to appear that take advantage of this new direction. The Iron Justice Series is one such event, springing up around the country catering for the increasing number of riders wanting to throw themselves of the top of a hill in a head-to-head battle, and it is a battle, to get to the bottom first.

All the best duel races are on the sides off big hills and the Iron Justice series is no exception. Iron Justice resides in Sheffield. The city that's built on seven hills, the one where Steve Peat comes from - now your getting the idea. Mmm big hills….!!

Without going into too much detail the course is purpose built next to the Ski Village, what's good enough for them is good enough for us, and quite fantastic. It's got all the usual big berms, doubles, step up jumps, 40ft long berm (and you need it), 25ft dropin that's vert at the top, 6ft quarter pipe jump….starting to get intersested…??? It is the business. Full stop.

The organisation is excellent considering it is the first outing for the PR team. Hell, it's organised better than most national points races. The cost of entry is a piddly £5 showing the organisers are definitely not out to make money. They do it because they love it. Rare these days.

The first race attracted the likes of Sam Furness, National Youth Champion, who duly won having knocked me out in the quarter finals. I'll have you next time..!!

Whether you are a serious racer or just a complete speed junkie it's a race you cannot miss. So get back to your roots and remind yourself what living is all about. Do an Iron Justice race and you will not regret it…ever.

The next race is on the 19th JUNE and costs just £5. Can't be bad ...!!!

More info..Contact Dan (0114) 272 6873.