‘Human Power Around The World’ is planned to be an entirely self propelled expedition, using only human self propulsion - no planes, trains, ferries, cars or motorbikes. It should connect two extremes of terra-firma which lie as closely as is reasonably possible on opposite sides of the globe.

In this respect this venture will be the first of its kind to complete this journey without powered transport - a truly novel and groundbreaking venture.

It will combine two simple modes of transport, that allow large distances to be covered easily and cheaply both on land and on sea; the bicycle and the canoe. Both of these forms of transport will hopefully provide some unique insights into the countries traversed, due to their low impact, the ease with which they blend into everyday life, and hopefully they will present a minimal barrier between the traveller and the local population.

As far as is reasonably possible the expedition will be self-supported, using and carrying a minimum of equipment, and conducting repairs en-route. Certain spares and the bicycles and canoes will be transported by cargo freight between key staging posts.

The ‘partners’ (individual, support team, corporate, equipment, charitable) of the expedition will hopefully benefit through alignment of the principles behind this expedition with their own. Please support this pioneering British venture generously - both to allow the venture to succeed and to support the benefiting charities.

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email: richard@humanpower.freeserve.co.uk