Lancashire's (and some might rightly say the world's) leading disc brake manufacturers Hope Technology have annnounced big price cuts across all their product range.

Before you panic, they haven't reduced the quality of the parts at all, they've just expanded their facility and dropped a few lines (such as the older "sport" levers) so they can make more of their best sellers faster. Being top lads, they've passed the savings straight on, which makes the world's finest anchors easier for Santa to save up for.

More stopping for less pennies.

The Enduro 4 (was the Downhill 4) now comes in at £140 RRP, the XC4 drops £20 to £155 and the classic all rounder C2 (was the Pro) can now be yours for £140, which really puts the Hope cat among the Hayes and Shimano pigeons.

Hub prices have also dropped with the introduction of a one piece machined hub rather than the titanium barelled units of before.

Full details of their product range - including custom options - and new pricing can be found at the Hope website.