Many are the mountain bike clubs that proudly proclaim their slackness and liking for riding slowly and drinking beer. But we feel that the recently-formed (or perhaps "congealed" is a better word) and catchily-named Chilterns First Fifteen Mountain Bike Club (the even catchier C1XVMTBC for short, which looks a bit like the serial number on the back of a Roman telly) have a stronger claim than most.

In some ways we feel almost responsible. After all, the informal clumping of riders that make up the club have been sorting rides out via our very own Rides forum for what seems like ever. Now, though, they've all managed to move in the same direction for long enough to form an actual club, with membership fees, a committee (of sorts) and a website and everything. Oh, and t-shirts, naturally.

So if you're anywhere in, around, on or under the Chilterns (they're just to the left of London) then check them out. The site's at and is well worth a read.