Remec have just joined the big time with an official UCI team to contest the World Cup and the UK importers, MBT, are looking for 1 downhill rider to compete at national level next year.

The UK importers told us that: ‘the chosen person will receive a great bike and our support.’

So how do you do it? Well they don't just to see a list of your past results, tell them why they should sponsor YOU instead of buying advertising or going on holiday. They told us: ‘We want to know why we should sink our hard earned cash into one applicant over another, and more importantly, what's in it for us?’

Seems fair enough to us.

But that’s not all…

MBT are also running what they call ‘Co-Factory deals’ for up and coming riders. These deals will work a bit like the Scott scholarship system in that riders accepted onto the program will get a half price DH Pro frame, race shirt etc., and qualify for the Remec bonus scheme, in which they can win trips to race in the Slovenian Alps. Nice!

If you’re interested in either option first get along to the Remec website and check out the Co-Factory deals. Would be team riders should send their sponsorship proposal to MBT, 104, Queen Street, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2EU.