Well, well, the dust has finally settled on an amazing weekend of racing at the Val d'Allos Enduro World Series round and the results sheet once again reads like a who's who of mountain biking.


With racing spread over two days, very long stages and minimal practice (one run on each stage), the order of said results sheet is somewhat different to that of round 1 from Punta Ala.

Nicolas Vouilloz comes out on top in the men's racing with Aussie Jared Graves in second and current downhill World Champion Greg Minnaar showing his doubters that he is more than capable of riding tracks blind and demonstrating his fighting spirit, winning the final stage of the weekend and securing third place overall.

From Enduro World Series on Facebook: "Tucking, charging and keeping it together for 2 days of racing, Vouilloz has just taken round 2 after an incredible battle with Graves. After over 1 hour and 11,000m of descending, it came down to less than 10 seconds."


1: Nicolas Vouilloz

2: Jared Graves

3: Greg Minnaar


Tracy Moseley once again showed her class and ultimate preparation in the women's category, taking a clear win and extending her lead in the overall. GT's Cecile Ravanel and Specialized's Anneke Beerten fought a good fight though and ended up second and third respectively.


1: Tracy Moseley

2: Cecile Ravanel

3: Anneke Beerten

We'll have a full report - as always in Words, Photos and Video - later so stay tuned.

Below video: A little pre-finals chitter chatter with racers

Full results

[pdf url="http://cdn.coresites.factorymedia.com/bikemagic_new/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Enduro-World-Series-Coupe-de-France-Enduro-Val-dAllos-par-categories.pdf" height="750"]