Beer. Far more expensive than petrol, but you don't hear about a national campaign to lower it's price, do you?

Lunatic motorists who want to either increase the rate of income tax, or decrease public spending (or haven't they thought it through) failed to make waves yesterday.

The badly thought-out "Dump the Pump" campaign had little effect on petrol stations nationwide, according to reports today.

It's only recently that petrol has become more expensive than milk, and I can't remember there being a national campaign to reduce the price of that.

Then again, if the reason taxes are so high on petrol is because it's a non-sustainable energy source, how come there isn't huge amounts of tax on coal and gas? Or peat logs? Or wood?

Petrol is certainly far cheaper than beer, even at silly northern prices, and is a fraction of the price of that ridiculous Sunny Delight stuff - don't even get me started on that one.