Just got this from Russ, the trailbuilding co-ordinator at Cwm Carn;

We have finished cutting one of the major sections of trail today, yippee. But what that really means is the hard work starts here. The diggers now start to work back out along the trails and then they have to be finished by hand, so if you're free this Wednesday (5th) your help would be great. If you can't don't worry there will be plenty of other times.

So, anyone who can, 9.30 at Cwm Carn visitors centre. If you have any tools can you bring them, shovels, mattocks, picks, bow saws or anything else that's lying round the shed, oh and some lunch.



Russell Burton - Cwm Carn Mountain Bike Trail Co-ordinator. russell@russellburton.co.uk

telephone: 01225 869121 mobile 07785 268620