Roger Burlinson, along with his NPS cohort Rory Hitchens has always had a penchant for colourful and creative press releases. Below are the details of two of the event's he's organising later in the year.

Both events take place at Broadway House which we think has the most remarkable website of any camping and caravanning park around. If you do nothing else today, have a look at their homepage...

Cheddar Sprint

Downhill & Duel Weekenders

The first Cheddar Sprint weekender is fast approaching on the 20th & 21st May. Taking place at Broadway House, venue of the Cheddar Challenge, the 'Sprint' weekenders offer the perfect opportunity to get some serious Cheddar action. The format for these events is simple: riders pay just £5 per day to play on the awesome Cheddar Chute, sponsored by Kona, as well as sections of the infamous Devil's Downhill course. This freeride extravaganza will give all those who attend a unique opportunity to play on some of the best downhill and dual trails around and with camping at just £5 per person, per night, it is the ideal opportunity to make full use of Broadway House's full hospitality.

The Chute and The Devil's Downhill will be open all weekend and admission will be granted on either or both days. One of the founding reasons for these weekenders is to try and help riders develop their dual and downhill skills, through intense freeride practice, so the opportunity to ride all weekend on some national level courses should not be missed.

Facilities will include showers, bar, restaurant and, of course, camping.

For more information contact Broadway House on 01934 742610

The Wacky Races

Multiple team fun race weekender

The Wacky Races will be taking place on the weekend of 3rd & 4th June and offers riders the most fun they will ever have on a bike! The whole event is light hearted at every level and brings racing back to its roots. There will be no fancy timing systems, no glitzy promos, in fact there will be no semblence of a normal bike race at all. What there will be is compulsory fancy dress, crazy themed racing, leisure rides, barbeques, pool sessions a party and a weekend full of happy faces! For fun riders or anyone with a life, this is an event not to be missed.

The Wacky Races contain five elements over two days. Teams of four riders - any sex and either age (over 16s only) - will compete in fancy dress races and challenges that cover the spectrum of different disciplines. One rider from each team will contest one of the challenges each. The races and challenges include: fun downhill (where entertainment value is rewarded, not speed); medieval dual (complete with inflatable weapons and spectator participation); hill climb (distance up Witches Wood, with a few surprises) and obstacle course (almost trials but that would be too serious!). As a final there will be a team Indie race to decide the winners of the event.

Teams must enter under a cohesive team name and with appropriate fancy dress, rather like Team Mad Cows - a perennial favourite at the Cheddar Challenge. Cross dressing and dual sex teams are wholly encouraged. [Dual sex? Is that the same as Bi-sexual? - Ed]

The schedule will be (unlike most mtb races) very relaxed, with two challenges on the Saturday, followed by a leisure ride around some of Cheddar's awesome trails. Check out the Gorge and Black Down - wicked! Late Saturday afternoon, teams can relax by the pool, followed by a BBQ and finally a mix session in the club. Unlike the Cheddar Challenge singlespeed race there will be no pre-conditions on the consumption of alcohol, however additional points may be awarded for exeptional performances in the face of overwhelming intoxication! On the Sunday, the remaining challenges will take place, followed by the team Indie race final, afterwhich the champions will be crowned and another leisure ride will take place, for those who want to make the most of their stay at Cheddar.

Kona will be in full support, providing bikes for use in the medieval duel and other challenges. This gives an added bonus to riders, as they will have the chance to try out some of Kona's superb range. Rumour is also growing that Kona's new partners - Ford - are planning a mass assault on the event (a great many Ford employees are dedicated bikers), with some wicked outfits. The crew from Kona will also be camping it up with the best of them and a significant industry presence is expected within the team ranks, as people from every walk of bike seem to be hooking into the massive potential for a monster weekend away.

Entry is a paltry £30 per team and camping is available at just £5 per person per night. The response to this event has already set Broadway House's hotline ablaze with many existing cheese lovers wanting to add this event to their collection. Fast action is advised to ensure participation.

Entry in the racing is not the only reason to come to Cheddar for this weekend. Families or friends of competitors, or even riders just looking for a great weekends riding are advised to come along. Watching the races will almost be as much fun as taking part and there are the leisure rides and facilities to enjoy. Anyone wishing to come along and spectate should contact Broadway House for camping costs.

While Kona will be supplying bikes for some challenges, teams must bring their own machines as well, especially if riders also want to take part in the fun rides.

For more information call Broadway House on 01934 742610