Hindsight is a wonderful thing. You'd think that running a photo competition during June would be a pretty safe bet. But no - the wettest June on record didn't exactly lend itself to picture-taking. That said, the Bikemagic Gallery community still managed to rise to the challenge. And we had enough vouchers left over to spread a little largesse amongst our other Gallery supporters. Here, then, is our pick of the pics:


mountain bike photo competition Andrew Leviston

mountain bike photo competition sunn xc racer

mountain bike photo competition

Andrew Leviston

High Cup Nick

Sunn xc racer


Jim SeasonallyUNadjusted

El Chorro


crash mountain bike photo competition

mountain bike crash competition winner

Andrew Leviston

Snow Crash

Sunn xc racer

Double femur break


action photo competition winner 1

action photo competition winner 2

action photo competition winner 3

Danie Lategan


Ayoze Amador

Northshore bikepark Tenerife




group photo competition winner 1

group photo competition winner 2

group photo competition winner 3


Taking a break

Jim SeasonallyUNadjusted

Quick breather

Sunn xc racer


The lucky bikemagic.com gallery supporters who are recieving our remainder vouchers are Jack Peterson, Richard Starkie, Kevin Barrett, John Tennant, Jonathan Thompson, John Lavelle, Max Warren and Duncan Snow. Congratulations guys and keep up the great photos!