14-22 June 2003 is Bike Week, in conjunction with Cancer Research UK. The idea is to get more people cycling more often. To this end, Bike Week events (and co-ordinator Nick Harvey expects to there to be over a thousand events and rides) are based around five themes:

  • Buying or hiring a bike - getting a bike back on the road
  • Learning to ride - cycling with a ‘buddy’ - where to ride?
  • Family fun and fitness - encouraging more women to cycle
  • Bike2Work – individually or as part of an organised ride
  • Get off the beaten track – go cycling in the countryside

The Bike2Work strand is designed to encourage people to ride to work rather than driving or using public transport. It'll be run in conjunction with Cancer Research UK, with participants requested to donate the money they save to the charity.

Around 200,000 people took part in Bike Week 2002 events, with half of those new or returning cyclists. And those figures should be even higher for 2003 with more events designed to appeal to novice cyclists and families.

Tying in with family-friendly events is the increase in countryside rides for 2003, drawing riders into rural areas still recovering from the impact of foot and mouth.

If you’re an event organiser or club and are interested in being part of Bike Week, you get get a free Event Organisers’ Guide by emailing HQ@bikeweek.org.uk or phoning Nick Harvey on 01243 543888. Updates and information will be posted on www.bikeweek.org.uk (although it's still about 2002 at the moment).