While clearly a low news day you’ve got to hand it to the Daily Mirror who yesterday dedicated their front page and a two page spread to the problem of bike thieves. The front page screamed “A nation of thieves" and they’ve got a point. They left eight £100 mtbs unlocked in eight cities, they were all stolen, the quickest took 12mins in Bristol while the photographer in Cardiff had to wait a remarkable nine and a half hours to bag a shot of an opportunist bike thief.

You might be tempted to think that anyone who leaves a bike unlocked is asking to have it stolen. Think about it for a second though; does using a lock really make any difference? The fact is that as a nation we currently accept that people can get away with stealing our property. Nicking people’s stuff is bang out of order and BIKEmagic doesn’t think that we should stand for it.

What do you think is the best way to really DO something about this? Clearly violence is tempting but just as illegal as taking the bikes so should be ruled out. Is it realistic to push the police into doing something? Etc.

Right, get on the forum thread below and tell us your experiences and suggest what we might be able to do!

I got the mail below only this morning from BM member and tireless organiser of the Cherwell Jump and Duel scene, Darrne Groom: "A bike thief is working away in the Banbury area, he has removed one of our friends bikes (plural) so keep a look out for the following kit, and mail me if you find anything out.

FRAME: Kona Chute Y2K, black, size small.

FORK: Judy DH 97, Red.

WHEELS: Mavic 521 rims, Charcoal.

Front hub, Hope Big'un disc, Red

Rear hub, Standard XT, silver,

IRC Kujo red wall tyres.

BRAKES: Rear, LX V-Brake, Grey.

Front, Hope hydraulic disc brake.

CRANKS: AC Downhill single ring, Red with black ring

BARS AND STEM: Azonic double wall bars, silver

X-Lite fly stem 75mm, Red

SEAT: DK embroidered BMX, Black

POST: Fusion BMX, Black(does not fit frame, has a piece of hose pipe as a shim)

REAR MECH: XT 8 speed

FRAME: Kona Manomano, Full Sus, Red with Grey rear end, 16", has silver seat post attached to it. The stickers on this bike are actually painted on to the frame so it will be hard to spray over quickly.

There will be a good reward for any info leading to the recovery of this bike or frame."