As well as some selected insurance companies, cycling organisations, like the CTC and BCF also offer stand-alone policies.

Quotes differ, and we can't provide any info here, but some numbers you might find useful are:-

:01203 551000

CTC: 0870 873 0067

BCF: 0161 230 2301

AUA Insurance: 0171 283 3311

Equine and Livestock: 07000 800800

Specialist insurers for Datatag users

Butterworths: 0151 427 3252

Datatag: 01482 222070

If you've any further insurance info, recommendations or horror stories,

drop us a line and we'll add them to this page


From BIKEmagic member: Patrick Gould

Subject: Bike Insurance

Among other things, my firm used to be involved with home insurances. While we are now no longer involved in this class of business I thought the following might be of interest...

If you own more than one bike it is probably best to insure with Norwich Union under the Home Plus contract. All you have to do is insure yourself for the highest value machine you own and every other bike in your ownership is automatically covered. I would recommend that readers check it out themselves. I currently have a whole range of bikes covered under my policy. As far as claims are concerned, they (cheerfully?) paid out for a new Hed Disk wheel when I inadvertantly trashed a very old one. Several of my friends have had accident damaged (custom)bikes replaced with little or no hassle at all. One thing though, you must have cast iron proof of ownership, receipts, photos etc especially if you have built the machine up yourself.

If you do follow this note up please check everything thoroughly with your broker and if they claim not to know about it get them to check while you are there. If they do not cycle they probably think that a £250 machine is the dogs nads and that no one could ever own anything more expensive....this means they will not have investigated this aspect of cover. Finally, no company is perfect and maybe some people have had a bad time with NU but, from my experience claims have been trouble free.

From BIKEmagic member: Stephen Whiteley

Re: Insurance quotes online

I can recommend Cycleguard You can get quotes for cover and make applications from the Web Site. Claim went in for my new Heckler on the Thursday, had the check the following Friday. Very quick, no excess - I just needed a written quote from the store. Cost is normal (for specialist insurance) at £200 for £1800 worth of insurance.

From BIKEmagic member: Marinboy

Re: Insurance

My home contents insurance was with Eagle Star who wouldn't cover my beloved Mt.Vision as it's value exceeded their £500 policy limit. However, they were recently taken over by Zurich, who sent me a new policy booklet when the contents insurance was due for renewal.The booklet was a bit vague regarding bike cover so I rang up for a quote and was referred to an underwriter who agreed to insure it for £101.50 (this was on top of the contents insurance but still considerable less than the £178 the BCF would have charged - the bike being valued @ £2000). This is all risk cover, the only other stipulation being use of a D lock when unattended.

However, when I rang back the following day to give them payment details etc, the quote details weren't on file. As I did not know the name of the clerk I had talked to the previous day, or the name of the original underwriter, the matter had to be referred to the underwriters again, who this time refused to insure the bike at any price!

Needless to say, I was not a happy chappy...but after much arguing, they finally relented and agreed to the cover.

Moral? Be persistant, insurance policies appear to be flexible. Also, make note of who you talk to but don't tell Zurich I mentioned this to you!