Giant have supported a new PC CD-ROM, “Solutionquest Cycling" created by, Mike Redway (and John Zealey) of Redrock Music Ltd, who were responsible for Terry Wogan's Floral Dance.

It revolves around the world in 3001 where toxic emissions have led to the ozone layer being held together by a machine for the preceding 300 years. Luckily new technology has enabled travelling through time and it’s been discovered that altering the past creates history in the present day. The CD-ROM follows the journey of Spokey, the cyber-agent, who travels back to the 21st century to rediscover some of old earth’s ways to persuade today’s population to adopt a healthier lifestyle to change the future.

No mention of all the school run mums in fume belching 4x4's being terminated by cybernetic organisms in enormous mini-gun massacres though, which will probably dissapoint the kids.

The CD-Rom is aimed at 9-12 year olds, and has been commended by the Institute of Road Safety Officers for its combination of games and timed exercises. Against-the-clock activities such as “Spot the Hazard" and “Road Sign Recognition" run alongside highly illustrated technical and practical information which communicates the safe cycling message.

If you fancy a copy of this thoroughly worthwhile disc, Solutionquest Cycling costs £13.98 and is available from: Redrock Music Ltd, The Weald, 58 Hillside Road, Northwood, Middx, HA6 1QB.

If you'd like more information and stirring PR words about the future of schools and cycling from Giant's MD then check out the original story at Bikebiz where we stole it from shamelessly in the first place.