One of the biggest and maddest events on the calendar is undoubtedly the Mega Avalanche. 1400 riders this year took the start at the top of the Alpe d’Hue, 3300m above sea level, and raced over 30km on terrain that varies from ice to rocks.

The event has since spawned a series and many events looking to replicate its unique formula, but the Mega is original and has a special draw. It’s always been popular with us Brits and this year more of us headed over to France than ever before.

At the sharp end of the elite race proceedings were dominated by a Frenchman, with downhill enduro specialist Remy Absalon taking yet another win in the event. The win marked a successful debut for Commencal's new Meta AM.

Results - Men

1. Remy Absalon 42:32.460

2. Jermome Clementz 43:19.890

3. Rene Wildhaber 43:30.000

4. Nicolas Vouilloz 43:31.550

The Brits

10. Joe Barnes 45:51.700

13. Alex Stock 46:50.890

17. Aiden Bishop 48:16.620

22.Rowan Sorrell 48:31.810