Launched in 2006 the TransWales stage race is now going into its sixth season and has attracted riders of all ability and motivation and from over 20 different countries.

Last year saw over 200 riders take on the 500km long course which featured seven marathon style linking stages and five off-road time trail like’ special stages. This unique concept which is closely related to a car rally allows the riders to have a real challenging week on their hands without the constant pressure of pushing on.

But don’t be fooled – the TransWales 2011 still requires the riders to ride almost 550km over seven days, to climb more than 15,000m of climbing and to race to their hearts content in the six special stages.

Mini TransWales for 2011

Contrary to previous years we don’t just offer the full seven day option. For those riders keen to come but who can't find the time or money to be part of the event for the whole duration and have created the MINI TransWales.

The MINI TransWales can be ridden over two durations. You can either join the event from the 13th to the 16th August or from the 17th to the 20th August. You will ride the same trails/courses as everybody else and get the same treatment with regards to event holdall, finishing jersey, food, camping, facilities only difference being is that you are only riding for three or four days.

The available categories are the same as for the seven day event and riders can enter as pairs or solos. We obviously make sure that we take you back to your car when your riding days are over.

Prologue marathon

The other big news for 2011 – the Prologue Marathon takes place on 13th August at 11am. Riders can enjoy a 40km marathon ride with an optional special stage at the end where riders will get the chance to test their ‘racing skills’.

It is open free of charge to all TransWales 2011 riders (but not compulsory) who want to limber up and get their legs in shape for the big challenge ahead. It is also open to non-TransWales riders who would like a taster of a typical unique day’s riding in the TransWales.

Enter now at the official website.