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Tuesday Training: The final furlong

We have exactly 18 days left to the start of the Red Bull. Considering we started this plan back in February that’s a long time gone and not much left. Don’t fret though, you should be in cracking shape ready for a final pre race tune up, which is exactly what we’re doing in the last two weeks.

The weekly plan

If you can find the time to do both sessions in a week that’s great, if not, do the first one we list. The key is not training to exhaustion but training hard and training well. If you feel really knackered or you start to wobble all over the place then turn for home. We want you to get to the race fresh not frazzled.

To help fit two sessions into your schedule, everything we do midweek will now take you less than an hour.

First off we’re doing the five minute race pace, one minute rest repeats of the Saw legs session. Warm up for fifteen minutes, then wind up to speed and hammer out six repeats. Ease off, feel thoroughly pleased with yourself and roll homewards.

If you can get out later in the week then fit in a similar threshold intensity session but rather than holding the effort for five minutes just hold it for one minute then rest for 30 seconds. At the start you should just be getting to the ache point, when it’s time to back off and rest again, but that ache point will creep nearer the start of the minute as you go through the set.

Do ten of these with a ten minute warm up and ten minute warm down each end and you’ll only be out for just over half an hour but you’ll do your ability to accelerate repeatedly after technical sections the power of good.

If you can get out for an hour’s ride on both days of the weekend or twice on one day, then that will be better relay race practice than a single ride, but don’t lose sleep over it. Have a good ride, race people up hills if you feel like it, but otherwise just enjoy riding your bike around in what should hopefully be proper summer weather.

Coach Potato’s fit chip tips On the run

The first run section of the Red Bull 24hr is a splendid and amusing spectacle – as long as you’re watching, not actually running it.

OK there will be a few swines who will actually enjoy kicking up their heels and galloping around the short start circuit but for most mountain bikers it’s the ideal opportunity to twang calves, hamstrings, Achilles tendons and backs or turn your ankle over on lumpy grass. In fact if you’re not careful you can end up completely broken before you even get to the bike, with nearly 24 hours of racing still to go.

So first of all find out who on your team will be doing the run without walking straight into the old, “Oooh thanks for offering” trap. If it does turn out to be you then at least try and take some preventative steps before tearing your legs off.

The main problem is that your bike-tuned heart and lungs can actually propel you very easily but your tight little biker’s butt, back and legs just aren’t supple enough, impact absorbing enough or strong enough from side to side to handle it. The answer – somewhat obviously – is to work on each aspect of the problem at least a little bit before D-Day.

By fitting in two fifteen minute short jogs each remaining week then you’ll at least get your body used to some form of impact rather than just spinning. Don’t be tempted to actually run at any pace though as you’ll most likely tear something. Running slowly means you can also just trot out and back again without needing a shower – ideal for lunchtimes.

What you must make sure you do is stretch when you get back.
A seated or standing finger to toe stretch is pretty much ideal for lengthening all the major problem muscle groups, but take it steadily with deep breaths and relaxation rather than bouncing your stretch.

NB: If you can’t jog for the fifteen minutes then alternate running and jogging 20 or 50 steps at a time. Just make sure you don’t actually go any faster in the ‘race’ than you have managed while practising. After all you’ll have plenty of time to ride smoothly past all the people cramping and cursing on the first hill of the course.

Next week
Our final full week at the Coach Potato Fitness academy should turn all of you into speeding spuds and mean everyone else has had their chips for the rest of summer!


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