You can get 90-100% of your pace in three runs

- Andrea Bruno, Transition Bikes/ Kenda Tyres

Former Italian Enduro Champion Andrea Bruno’s statement above may sound like a bold call, but the reality of racing in enduro events is that one must learn and remember a trail’s ins and outs to a high enough degree to ride it both fast and, importantly, safely, in a relatively short amount of time.

Why ‘study’ the trail?

Why should this apply to everyday trail riding? The answer being that we could all do with studying the trail when we ride it in order to recognise the danger points, fast spots etc. so that we can ride more safely and with more flow (which of course means more fun!).

Andrea Bruno putting his techniques to use in Il Cicalino, Italy.

Watch and learn...

In this short video Andrea gives us a simple run-down of the how and why of learning the trail, quick but effective tips. We also get to witness Bruno putting his money where his mouth is as he rips down some of the trails of Il Cicalino in Italy. We’ll have plenty more from this excellent destination as well as additional riding clips with Andrea as we release our latest Bike Magic Trail Guide TV edit. Stay tuned.

Many thanks to our supporter for this series of how-to videos, One23.