Latest photos of the new Santa Cruz carbon 29er hardtail

A while back we published some photos of Santa Cruz’s still in development carbon 29er hardtail, the latest frame from the company and only the second time its dabbled in the world of 29in wheels.

This week Santa Cruz added a bit more fuel to the fire by releasing some more photos on its 104Bronson blog. Despite the low quality of the photos and still a lack of any real information on the new frame, these pictures do at least give a clear indication of how close to completion the frame looks.

Here’s what SC have to say on the new frame: “A lot of careful, subtle, detail consideration went on during their design, and aside from being silly light and stupid strong and mongo stiff, they are just really damn fine looking on top of it all. But that’s the sort of thing you’d expect a parent to say. Nobody ever says their newborn is ugly. Eye of the beholder and all that jazz. We’re stoked, anyway. And we can’t wait until the end of March."