How long have you owned the Rockhopper?

I bought the bike brand new from a local Bristol retailer (end of season bike). I'd only had two bikes before that, a Raleigh Chopper and a Raleigh Silver 5 (road style with drop handles and special brake levers on the drops). It was the first bike I bought myself after starting proper work - straight out of university.

How long have you owned it?

Since Oct 1992 - I still have the receipts. Garlands, Bristol, 15.10.1992. £299.99.

What kind of riding do you use it for?

Not that aggressive - I'm a bit of a chicken really. No jumping!

Quite a lot of rough roads (B roads) and country lanes. And muddy tracks. Single-track around Portishead and Ashton Court, Bristol.

And how does it ride?

I find it rides well, is comfortable, and climbs hills really well (it is a hardtail). Downhill over stones is tough on the arms.

Any modifications since you've owned it?

Very few. SPD pedals and shoes. Bottle cage. Bar ends. New chain and sprocket. Tyres and Tubes.

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