Vulpine Harrington 2

Written by Toby Orton.

The Vulpine Harrington Rain jacket is a high quality, style classic that will keep out the wind and the wet.

What they say: The Harrington Rain Jacket is a tailored, rain-resistant outer garment based on the British Mod classic design. Designed for year-round wear, it is ideal for commuting and urban riding.

Vulpine Harrington 3
Vulpine have made a name for themselves for their combination of functionality and fashion, a balance they strike perfectly with the Harrington Rain Jacket. This is Vulpine’s best selling jacket and having ridden it through a cold, wet winter you can see why.

Styled on the classic Harrington shape, there is plenty to like about the heritage-inspired design. Cut low at the back, the front doesn’t ride t the extent of some race-specific jackets, which appeals for use off the bike. Where ‘scrunching’ can be a problem for some rain jackets, the Harrington’s detailed construction and buttoned waist adjusters keeps the fit flat to the body when bent over the bars. Built from ‘Epic Cotton’ – a combination of silicone-coated fibres – Vulpine claim that their jacket is rain-resistant, windproof and breathable. Having endured heavy showers and come out almost completely dry and ridden in howling wind and felt cocooned, the only issue is with breathability. It’s a struggle to find negatives but the rear shoulder vents couldn’t prevent some significant moisture buildup on long commutes.

Vulpine Harrington 1

Who it’s good for: The Vulpine Harrington Rain Jacket excels in both off the bike style and on the bike functionality. Designed with no shortage of attention to detail, as a multi-use, all-weather city jacket, it is one of the best fits around.