Gore Bike Wear now offers a base layer range

For many years Gore Bike Wear was synonymous with high quality jackets, but over the years the company has gradually been branching out. We’ve seen socks, shorts and jerseys and now it has added a base layer range.

The Baselayer range is made from polypropylene, which Gore uses for its light weight, comfort next to the skin, antibacterial properties and wicking performance. The range is split into two, with a range for warm days and Windstopper-enhanced base layers for those colder and windier days.

As well as base layers in short sleeve and sleeveless options, there are also shorts made from the same material so you can now be covered head to toe from the skin up in Gore Bike Wear clothing. The shorts feature a Contest chamois, elastic and breathable, which is said to be “suitable for short to medium distances, and in combination with over pants".

In the women’s version, the Contest Lady seat pad has been specially contoured to the female form. The padding has been reinforced at certain points to allow for the slightly wider sit bones in women. This ensures the pressure is ideally distributed, and prevents the development of any painful seat problems. Both versions feature an elastic band that sits comfortably on the skin.

More info on the range, including availability and prices, soon.