Written by Josh Mott.

Classic design and still the best full-finger gloves on the market.

Price: £25.49

What they say: A great all-purpose glove with a combination of stretch spandex and airprene material for lightweight use on the road, trail, or commute.

Troy Lee Designs have been in the business of making some of the most blindingly spectacular looking cycling and motorbike clothing in the world for some time now and the 2015 Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves do not disappoint in following this trend.

The most understated design in terms of their range of gloves, the XC’s subtle but eye-catching design ties directly into their lightweight nature. The small logo across the knuckles double up as both bold design but also added protection.

Inside the palm riders find a leather finish with extra padding for the bridge of the palm. The index finger features two silicon strips, which provide fantastic grip for break levers; one of many neat little features that make the XC gloves some of the best on the market.


In terms of differences between the 2015 and previous models, there are not too many other than small adjustments to the palm padding and overall design, especially on the green camouflage model. The 2015 XC comes in eight colours: black, blue, red, white, yellow, orange, pink and green camo.

The only minor criticism of the otherwise flawless 2015 XC gloves is the omission of a sweat pad on the back. Previous editions did include a sweat pad, as the spandex material can be a tad coarse to wipe one’s face with.

Who it’s for: The XC gloves are suited to any kind of riding and provide a great full-finger glove for any task. Lightweight and breathable enough for long stints on a road bike, but also hardy and padded enough to take the beating of any off-road trails.