Sportful No Rain Leg Warmers 1

Written by Toby Orton

The Sportful No Rain Leg Warmers are a comfortable, warm and surprisingly water resistant set of leg warmers that won’t break the bank.

What they say: We’ve taken our ThermoDrytex Plus fabric, which is soft, stretchy and warm, and then added nanotechnology water repellence to give you the perfect warmers for every condition.

What it is: Italian company Sportful started in skiwear before branching out into cycling apparel and have a solid reputation for quality. Keeping branding to a minimum, their No Rain leg warmers are a well-built, sleek, subtle choice for protection of the legs. Available in plain black, white or red, the reflective ‘fins’ on the rear of each leg are just about the only things that stand out on them and make a nice touch for when high-visibility is paramount – which is always!

Sportful No Rain Leg Warmers 2

Sizing runs from small to extra large and the fit is important. They come up high on the thigh and reach all the way to the shoes so top marks for coverage. Silicone grippers hold them in place and provided you stretch them all the way up the leg they stay as smooth as you’d want them to, even around the knees. As a bonus, despite the specialist water resistant fibres, the leg warmers can be shoved in the wash as normal and left to hang dry.

Who it’s good for: Can leg warmers be stylish on the bike? Perhaps it’s the reflective fins but these Sportful No Rains feel like it. The lack of wind resistance might be a problem for some but the comfortable fit, warmth and water resistance make these a solid set of leg warmers to have at the ready.