Specialized Head Warmer Windstopper Gore 2

Written by David Guest

An added layer of protection against colder weather, this Specialized Head Warmer Windstopper Gore hat blocks wind and doesn’t impede your vision or hearing.

What they say: The Specialized Head Warmer Windstopper Gore fits snugly under your helmet to deliver added protection from the cold when you need it the most.

What it is: Modern cycling helmets are, quite rightly, designed to be incredibly lightweight and also to allow you good ventilation. However, in the colder weather, this might go against you – particularly if only on a short ride where you don’t get a chance to get really warmed up. For such occasions, a product like the Specialized Head Warmer offers a perfect solution.

Specialized Head Warmer Windstopper Gore 1

The hat also features perforated sections of the outer material around the ears so your hearing remains virtually unimpaired, which is an important safety aspect in our view.

If anything this hat can work a little too well and if you do happen to overheat, you may experience a little discomfort or itchiness, but this remains only a minor issue that not many will face.

Overall it’s a solid product that would not be out of place in the wardrobe of anyone who takes to two wheels.

Who it's good for: A potentially vital bit of kit for cyclists of any kind. Even though it’s billed as a winter item, it still has its use on cold mornings in spring and autumn.