Surface Clothing Crew socks - £9.99


Surface Clothing, the clothing brand from the guys behind Charge Bikes, launched a couple of years ago with a really good looking range of jackets, gloves and socks.

These Crew Stripe socks are easily the boldest out there, but they’re not all looks and no function, far from it. As the website quite nicely puts it, “no point in making a sock in black or white, these ones positively jump out of your sock drawer at you."

We couldn’t agree more. With the fabric pattern and length, they’re a bold pair of socks. Not for the shy and retiring type. You need confidence to get away with these out on the trail. For spicing up an otherwise bland and drab outfit through the autumn though, and injecting a little bit of humour into your social ride, you can't beat them. Be warned, you will be heckled by your mates.

But just ignore them because the thick cotton/nylon/spandex weave makes them incredibly comfortable and at this time of year, as the temperature continues to slowly drop, they're superbly warm. They’re quite chunky compared to typical summer riding socks though, so if your shoes are already on the tight side, things are only going to get tighter around your toes with these squeezed in there.

We find no problems with our favourite riding shoes however. And any fears about overheating we're quickly put to rest, they simple kept our feet at a very satisfactory temperature. What more could you ask for from a pair of mountain bike socks?


There’s not a lot you can say about socks really. These hit all the marks; warm, comfortable and they look great. A little pricey we'll admit, but a quick search online will reveal cheaper prices.

Available in a choice of colours from, with four sizes to choose from.