This review will be as quick as the last one on Porelle Drys. Ive had my pair for over a year now, and they've seen some action. Scottish mountains, Welsh moors, rivers, puddles, snow and rain, and they've never let me down. Warmer than a blazing fire on a summers day, and always dry inside I think Mike must have been real unlucky with his pair. One of my friends doubted their waterproof-ness, but a quick water-baloon style demo soon had him converted. They are of course succeptable to water getting inside them from the top if you wear shorts, and once in the water stays in (because they are waterproof - but hey, wearing shorts in the rain is silly anyhow), and on a hot day they can be a little sweaty, but we won't go there.

All in all I rate them, they are a very good way of converting your favourite summer shoes into winter shoes, and on a Scottish mountain, ankle deep in mud, when its snowing, you'll want to marry the person who invented them.


Ben Pinnick